How to play 5.15


Thanks for checking out our how to play video! Here's the quick overview of 5.15, copied from the Guidebook:


You can read the full Guidebook PDF here to learn about how the entire game is played!


Frequently asked question

What happens to climbs that aren't picked during the crag phase? You can discard them.

If I pause all the other players, am I now the dealer? Yes! If you pause everybody else you are automatically the dealer and you should flip over one climb (see pg. 10 "Always flip over at least one climb").

Do you keep track of extra money after hiring a guide? Hiring a guide is a one time thing. You discard $120 of gear and that's it, any leftover cash is gone.

Is hiring a guide permanent? Yes, the extra strength token you receive for hiring a guide is permanent.

Do the 5.15 epic consequences replace the regular ones? Yes!