One copy of 5.15 - One donation of $5.15

Through Dec 31, 2021 we're donating $5.15 to your choice of rock climbing organizations for every copy of 5.15 you purchase.

5.15 is a rock climbing card game for 3-5 players

Take on the role of a rock climber! First, pick your style: boulderer, trad, sport, or alpine. Then challenge yourself on easier climbs, from 5.6 to 5.14, as you build up strength and collect gear with your partners. When you are ready, head out to the crag to become the first climber to succeed on a 5.15, one of the hardest climbs in the world!

5.15 was Kickstarted in 2020 and raised over $19,000. Thank you Kickstarter backers for your support!

5.15 makes a great gift for your climbing partner and is a perfect way to get your gaming (and climbing) friends back together in person this summer.

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